How to Prep for Race Day

Every race fan loves to get behind-the-scenes, and know as much as possible about their favorite sport. In this blog, we are sharing how race teams prepare for a big race day. Here’s a little more information about the checklist.  

The pros have learned what can break first, how to avoid certain safety issues and how to have the best experience come race day.

First, the car is checked thoroughly, including:

  • Tires, lug nuts, bolts
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Under the hood – engine, fluids, belts, oil
  • Fuel up

Tires and brakes are two of the most important components on your car for everyday driving, and they’re even more important when ripping around the race track. Without proper tires, you’ll never get traction in the corners, and without the right brakes, you’ll have trouble slowing down and entering corners.

Checking engine vitals for low fluid and topping off with quality oil and coolant where necessary is the best method of being proactive. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the accessory belts and replace any that look worn. This helps avoid something like a snapped belt.

Then, onto the checklist for added safety:

  • Make sure everything is tight and secure inside of the car.
  • Be sure the car is clean, inside and out, assuring the car is free of any sand or dirt inside that could easily blow into the driver’s eyes.

Finally, it’s time to load-up the trailer, secure the tires in place and pack the driver’s gear.  Almost all track events require you have proper, approved safety equipment. These can range from full flame-proof suits to just a simple helmet. The helmet is important, as it must be an approved helmet for auto racing.

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