Super Pro Truck Facts You Didn’t Know You Needed

The race season has proven to be pretty exciting so far. We are always on the edge of our seats following NASCAR’s cup series, but look forward to the Camping World Truck Series races just as much. This Saturday, 4/17, NASCAR’s Truck Series heads to Richmond Raceway, followed by a Cup Series race there on Sunday.

We wanted to take this opportunity to share some ‘fun facts’ about Super Pro Trucks. (This will help you impress your friends with how much you know about the race history and its vehicles this weekend.)   

Facts you didn’t know you needed to know:

  1. Super Pro Trucks or Pickup Truck Racing, is a form of auto racing that involves modified versions of pickup trucks on racing circuits, mostly oval tracks. Race pickup trucks are mechanically similar to coupe-shaped stock cars, with the main difference being the boxier shape of the cab, which does not have as good aerodynamics as stock cars.

  2. NASCAR Truck Series vehicles have been rapidly evolving since the inception of the series in 1995, in terms of speed, aerodynamics, and engine equipment. The NASCAR series was also the first to use this type of vehicle, unveiled in 1994.

  3. The concept of pickup truck racing started in 1983 when former NASCAR driver Buck Baker established the National Pickup Truck Racing Association to help Buck Baker Driving School graduates start their careers. The series had a ten-race schedule planned with intentions to sell the series to NASCAR. The trucks were built with a 1981 NASCAR Winston Cup Series car base; the four-barrel Cup Series carburetors were reduced to two to decrease speeds. The series began to increase in popularity, and the schedule was increased to eleven races. After the season ended, Baker’s attempted sale of the series to NASCAR was denied, and was sold to Dick Moroso, with the series being rebranded the Moroso Performance All-Pro Pickup Truck Series.

  4. In 1991, SCORE International racers Dick Landfield, Jimmy Smith, Jim Venable and Frank “Scoop” Vessels unveiled plans to create a pickup truck series for NASCAR. Three years later, the trucks were unveiled at the 1994 Daytona 500, and officially created as the Super Truck Series. After hosting seven exhibition races, the series held its first season in 1995. The series, now known as the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, is one of three national series sanctioned by NASCAR (besides the Cup Series and Xfinity Series).

Richmond Raceway is kicking off the #ToyotaOwners400 Race Week today with some cool updates and news for race fans. The raceway is celebrating #RR75th starting today, Monday, 4/12, by sharing 75 Greatest Moments of Richmond Raceway presented by Virginia is for Lovers. Follow their Facebook page as they highlight some of their favorite moments. We will be tuning in for sure each week! Visit their page by clicking here.

Featured photo is the No. 51 truck, owned and raced by Anji Morgan-Thornton. Find Anji right here in the SCFN Clubhouse.

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